Nurses and Midwives CPD program

The Princefield College and Research Institute and the Nurses and Midwives Council have signed a memorandum of understanding the mandates Princefield to run CPD programs for nurses and midwives in Ghana.

The aim of the program is to provide quality and content appropriate continuing professional development training to health professionals to enable them gain enhanced knowledge and skills to deliver better quality healthcare services.

Program Objectives
At the end of the program, the CPD participant will draw on contemporary theories to influence professional practice and be able to better:

  1. Better assess patients/clients needs
  2. Diagnose and manage common medical/surgical conditions
  3. Apply safety procedures
  4. Provide health education and health promotion to communities
  5. Design emergency preparedness plan for an area
  6. Supervise and train junior health staff
  7. Manage downstream health structures under their jurisdiction
  8. Conduct research in primary health care issues
  9. Write reports (administrative and scientific) and disseminate

Method of delivery

The Continuing Professional Development program will be run both within the Princefield facilities and at designated locations in the regions. When delivered outside the College and in keeping with the strict image management policy of the College, Princefield uses only established credible institutional spaces. At the request of health facilities, regional and district directors and faith-based and private sector organisations, the CPD program may be run on the premises of the client.


General cohort CPD: The program is structured in a manner that allows cohorts of professionals to be grouped together and taught courses relevant to their level of experience. The lower and upper levels of experiences put in a band and cohort should allow for cross learning.

Only seasoned health professionals in practice and academia with requisite specialisations may be allowed to teach or facilitate the delivery of the modules developed. Lectures, presentations, case studies and demonstration approaches are the main methods of lesson delivery. These are backed by cinematography and live news reports as lecture communication support materials.


Specialized tailored CPD: Components may be designed for specialist level cadres requiring additional exposure to new knowledge. This is an individual tailored request tailored program provided by Princefield itinerant experts or preceptors who are trained to mentor and coach students in particular skills and competencies. The emphasis is to expose the learner who is already trained as a specialist nurse to new ideas and skills in their area of practice using a CPD system. This are small classes of not more than six learners at a time. The teaching methods may include a negotiated short clinical placement.




 ALPHA BASIC  Goal: Brush up knowledge on basic concepts and practice in nursing care      
  Essentials of community health services management
 Psychology of healthcare 1
 Infection prevention and control
 Personal development
 Basics in essential maternal, infant and child care
  3 - 4 days per batch   January-March   HAC/HEW/CHNS 1-3years post qualification
 Essentials in child health assessment and recording
 Essential infection prevention and control
 Basics in healthcare law - consent and patient rights
  Essential community health services management II
 Personal development
  3-4 days per batch   March-April
  Completed Alpha Basic 1
 Direct entry: HAC/HEW/Enrolled Nurses 4-6 years post qualification

 ALPHA ADVANCE  Goal: Exposure to new knowledge in essential nursing and clinical practices and management   Alpha Basic certificate
  PART 1
  Emerging and new practices in nursing care
 Advanced ward management
 Clinical assessment and client relations
 Basics in healthcare law, rights and ethics - II
  Essentials of community health services management III
 Personal development
 3-4 days per batch  February & May  Direct Entry Nurses and Midwives - 1-4 years post qualification
  PART 2
  Psychology of healthcare II
 Nursing leadership and administration
 Family health promotion in nursing practice
 Communication and Report writing
 Personal development
  3 - 4 days per batch   March - April
  Completed Alpha Advance Part 1
  Direct Entry Nurses and Midwives 5-8 years post qualification
 Pi  Goal: Exposed to advanced managerial coaching skills for nursing practice management, education and preceptorship
  PART 1
 Emerging and new practicies in nursing care II
 Advanced ward management II
 Sociology and ethics of healthcare III
 Techniques for managing nurse practitioners on the job
  Personal development
 3-4 days per batch  Anytime in the year  
  Completed Alpha Advanced Certificate
  Direct Entry Nurse or Midwife 8 years and above
  PART 2
 Emerging and new practices in nursing care III
 Health policy and programme management
 Open forum: Experiences from specialists in:Community/Public Health Nursing Pediatric Care nursing
  3 days per batch   Anytime in the year
  Completed Pi Pt 2
  Direct Entry Specialist nurses and PNOs with 7 years and above post promotion experience
  PART 3
 Trauma/Critical Care Nursing
 Education and Professional Development
 Nursing Leadership and Administration
 Advances in Community Psychiatric Care
 Advances in Ophthalmic Nursing
 Advances in ENT Nursing
 Advances in Surgical Nursing care
  3 days per batch   Anytime in the year Completed Pi Pt 1 or DDNS or Manager of a Private Maternity Home
 TAU  Goal: Generating new knowledge and shared experiences for nursing practice management, education and preceptorship
  Annual Expert Lectures
 Advances in nursing care and research
 Strategic management in nursing
 Theory building in nursing
 Advances in the specialty areas
  2 days   April/December Completed f Pi Pt 3 and by invitation of the Peerage of Tau


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